UBC's Research Strategy is a mid-level strategy released in April 2011, following extensive consultation with the UBC community.

This Research Strategy complements UBC's strategic plan, Place and Promise, which was released in 2009 and which provides a number of specific goals and actions to support the University’s commitment to Research Excellence. The Research Strategy provides background and more specific details about those institutional goals.

Download the UBC Research Strategy (v5.8, May 2012).

This is an evolving strategy that will be updated as opportunities arise. In fact, some of the recommendations given in the initial verison are quite preliminary and are meant to signal a need to investigate an area or issue before a detailed action can be proposed. We encourage ongoing feedback from the entire UBC community.

This strategy focuses attention on UBC’s Vancouver campus; research strategies are largely campus-specific as they are closely tied to academic programs. While some elements of the strategy do apply to all of UBC, it was thought that since the Okanagan campus has defined its research strategy, this document should focus attention on the Vancouver campus, including the main health research institutes where much of the University’s health research is conducted.

Initial drafts were developed in consultation with the Associate Deans Research (ADRs) and several groups of researchers; in turn, the ADRs consulted within their respective faculties. The Deans of Faculty were also consulted during the development of the strategy, and the result was a draft discussion document that was presented to Senate at the end of March 2010 and again in May 2010 after wider consultation with the entire UBC community.

Please direct any questions or comments to vpr@exchange.ubc.ca.

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